Flying – we all
dream about it

Especially while stuck in traffic, you wish you could just fly. We make it real. In the future many roads will be made from air.

The safest roads point skyward

The roads of tomorrow won’t be concrete, they’ll be invisible flight routes. They will be automatically generated to guide passenger and cargo drones to their destinations – autonomously, quietly, and free from traffic jams.

We are building
roads in the Sky

Skyroads enables Advanced Air Mobility to scale. In just a few years, we will automatically manage traffic in urban airspaces for hundreds of thousands of passengers on a daily basis – 100 times safer than on the concrete roads below. Our system is a simple way for cities to manage air mobility to their needs.

Skyroads for the automation
of Advanced Air Mobility

We manage routes, ensure overall safety, and provide flexibility for passenger mobility and cargo transport. Like an intelligent superorganism, all kinds of drones and landing ports will be linked up into one shared system – certified for safety by aviation authorities worldwide.

Let's fly. Wherever. Whenever

With us, flying will be easy, safe, and affordable, whether you’re on your commute, going around the city, or taking a short trip out of town. Hop on, lean back, and enjoy the freedom to fly.